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The Women’s Guild

The purpose of the Women’s Guild is to provide financial and organizational support for the Kankakee Valley Symphony Orchestra Association and to work with the KVSO in offering cultural and educational activities to the community.

Beginning in 1967 as an auxiliary to the symphony, the KVSO Women’s Guild was honored in the 2006-2007 season as the Illinois Council of Orchestra’s “Guild of the Year”.  The Guild consists of up to 30 members who are proposed and chosen for their expressed interest in and willingness to work diligently to further the purposes of the organization. A representative of the Women’s Guild attends the monthly meeting of the KVSOA as an active voting member.

2021-2022 Members

  • Sandra Beaupre
  • Mary Jane Capriotti (Jay)
  • Christine Crego (Peter)
  • Karen Duchene
  • Sharon Jackson
  • Donna Karlock (Merlin)
  • Jeanne Lindberg (Leslie)
  • Vicky McBurnie (Robert)
  • Sharon Ouwenga (Warren)
  • Julie Penrod (Eric)
  • Dee Pinski
  • Waltraud/Val Schuller (Charles)
  • Carol Vallone (John)
  • Jane Veers (John)

Associate Members

  • Lynn Ahlden
  • Constance/Connie Angelo (Phil)
  • Sandra/Sandy Hoekstra (Bob)
  • Sandra Ortiz
  • Betty Peters-Lambert (Dale)
  • Joyce Renchen (Tom)
  • Therese Schultz (Rich)
  • Diane Siaroff (Bert Jacobson)
  • Maryanne Thacker (Lee)

Honorary Members

  • Virginia/Ginnie Grapey
  • Anna Marie Wheeler

Members Emerita

  • Patricia Forquer
  • D. Ann Zeglis