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Support the Symphony

“My Mom, brother, and I sponsored the November 8, 2015 Kankakee Valley Symphony Orchestra concert in memory of my Dad, Pat O’Brien, who passed earlier this year. Sponsoring a KVSO concert was a fitting tribute to my Dad, who loved music and appreciated all the KVSO means to our community. We were also honored to have many family members, friends, colleagues and community members attend the concert. Many of our guests had never attended a KVSO concert and they were impressed with the talented musicians and the beautiful venue at Olivet. Thanks to the musicians of the Kankakee Valley Symphony Orchestra and all of the KVSO staff and volunteers for helping us remember my Dad in such a meaningful way.”- Mike O’Brien

Those who support the Kankakee Valley Symphony Orchestra invest in a legacy of music in the Kankakee River Valley. It instills the values of a society that treasures music and community, and offers future generations the joy that music brings us today.