The Board of Directors consists of up to 20 persons who are charged with the responsibility to uphold and carry out the mission of the Association according to its charter and within its by-laws. The board consists of five committees with subcommittees, each responsible for certain aspects of the business and musical life of the orchestras.

  • Carl Maronich: President
  • Yvonne Chalfant: Vice-President
  • Jan Glazar: Secretary
  • Dale Gerretse: Treasurer
  • Gary Wright: Past President

  • Brittaney Beck
  • Peter Crego
  • Amy LaFine
  • Janet V. Leonard
  • Don Reddick
  • Rebecca Schatz
  • Kiiri Tietjens
  • Laura Young

  • David Jaffe: KVSO Foundation Board Rep
  • Jane Veers: KVSO Women's Board Rep
  • Carol Reifsteck: KVYSO Rep
  • Shari Ebert: Orchestra Rep

The purpose of the Women's Board is to provide financial and organizational support for the Kankakee Valley Symphony Orchestra Association and to work with the KVSO in offering cultural and educational activities to the community.

The KVSO Women's Board began as a "guild" in 1967 and evolved into our current KVSOWB in 1984. The 2006-2007 season brought the KVSOWB the Illinois Council of Orchestra's "Guild of the Year" award. The Women's Board consists of 30 seats. The board members are proposed and chosen for their expressed interest in and willingness to work diligently to further the purposes of the organization. A representative of the Women's Board attends the monthly meeting of the KVSO as an active voting member.

KVSOWB 2015-2016 Members

  • Pat Forquer: President
  • Jane Veers: Vice-President and KVSO Board Rep
  • Janice Simms: Secretary
  • Rebecca Schatz: Treasurer

  • Jackie Keller & Rebecca Schatz: Co-Chairs of the Stars for Music
  • Donna Karlock & Sharon Ouwenga: Co-Chairs of the Champagne Jazz Gala
  • Connie Angelo & Diane Siaroff: Co-Chairs of the Symphony of Sweets Holiday Dinner
  • Linda Krause & Kathleen Pristach: Co-Chairs of the Cabaret

  • Sandra Beaupre
  • Mary Jane Capriotti
  • Rose Mary Ciaccio
  • Chris Crego
  • Virginia Grapey
  • Karen Korup
  • Emma Lou Lemon
  • Jeanne Lindberg
  • Vicky McBurnie
  • Tracey Noe
  • Sandie Ortiz
  • Sharon Ouwenga
  • Val Schuller
  • Alice Swaim
  • Ann Wheeler

Associate Members

  • Lynn Ahlden
  • Barbara Merkel
  • Sandy Hoekstra
  • Gretchen Demarah Pammer
  • Jackie Keller
  • Joyce Renchen
  • Member Emerita
  • Grace Bydalek
  • D. Ann Zeglis

The Kankakee Valley Youth Symphony Orchestra is dedicated to young musicians in the 7th grade through high school and their musical training. Our Board of Directors works diligently to bring the best educators from the area to work with our students at Olivet Nazarene University. Conducted by Katrina Cessna.

  • Carol Reifsteck–President
  • Robert Jensen–Vice President
  • Charles Burke–Treasurer
  • Dana Jacobucci-Administrative Coordinator
  • Rebecca Miller–Secretary
  • Janet Leonard–Representative from KVSOA
  • Katrina Cessna–Music Director/Conductor
  • Jyll Boudreau
  • Kelly Drake
  • Julie Splear
  • Barbara Schwark
  • Anita Schluter-Wilson

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Ticket sales, individual/corporate donations, and grants from various sources comprise the funds utilized by the symphony to present each season of wonderful concerts. The KVSO Foundation was created as a separate endowment fund to ensure that the Kankakee Valley Symphony Orchestra be supported beyond its annual operating budget and fundraising efforts.

Its purpose is to build a base fund by encouraging and managing endowment funds and gifts. From the earnings of this fund, contributions are made annually to the KVSO Association to assist in keeping our civic treasure alive and flourishing.

Gifts of all sizes may take various forms, but are not limited to:

  • Direct Gift
  • Annual Pledge
  • Gift of Property
  • Gift of Stock
  • Planned Giving / Bequest
  • Memorial / Recognition

Foundation Board

  • Ann Brezinski: President
  • Judy Linman: Vice- President
  • Kay Green: Secretary
  • Bruce Payne: Treasurer
  • David Jaffe
  • Carl Maronich
  • Chris Bohlen
  • Jill Bowling
  • Janet V. Leonard
  • Tim Milner
  • JoAnne Schwade
  • Richard Simms